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A return management system bridges the gap between business and customer ensuring smooth flow of each process. Therefore, choosing a reliable one is extremely important as your whole business performance depends on it. QNAVV is designed to tackle all the RMA related tasks for any kind of business from small to medium or complex businesses with full-scale automation; saving hours of data entry work and increasing productivity thereby.

QNAVV’s most advanced features which make it different from other are mentioned below:

A user can automatically create a return entry or document and can email or fax a copy of it to the customer. Additionally, QNAVV has specially designed and inbuilt customer portal where customers can track their returning products, can open tickets, have an online customer support system, and all other relevant information can be fetched from there. Hence ensuring full customer support and satisfaction with higher productivity and ROI.

Users of QNAVV can assign each action to different staff or representatives and can easily track down the status of each action.QNAVV sends automatically generated emails to customer representatives to inform them of their relevant tasks. These emails are pulled out directly from the RMA and do help in follow-ups as well as proper timeline tracking.

QNAVV’s efficient and timely tracking system makes sure return and delivery processes go smoothly and without any flaws. Hence, removing the need to spend additional costs

It is easy and quick to setup QNAVV. Users can easily process and work through each stage of the RMA. Users can view the transaction history and can perform quick searches via the search bar.

 It uses data of products from all the parties involved such as customers, vendors, and warehouses. QNAVV’seffective search and inquiry system allow users to lookup old emails, memos, barcodes, or other relevant documents within just a few seconds.

Users can use multiple windows at the same time such as can print memos, send emails or fax, etc. instead of having to close every single window and then open the new one to perform another action.

QNAVV also allows users to design and create fully customized windows/process for example by adding additional fields such as by adding date, time, location, etc. or by adding drop-down features. These windows then can be easily integrated into the RMA system to collect and process relevant data.

QNAVV allows users to have an eye on the product performance in the relevant marketplaces so that users can know the current product-related issues and how to fix them. QNAVV also gives valuable insights for each product in the form of graphs and charts. These reports are pulled directly from the RMA system fields and can help detect problems and provide quick solution options.

Additionally, QNAVV has automatic in-built event reporting system which detects all future events and notifies all customers by sending automatically personalized emails.